Alex Crick | Sasquatch Photography Series

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Name: Alex Crick
Occupation: Software Test Engineer
Number of Sasquatch’s Photographed: 7

Sasquatch Photography Series: Alex Crick

1. How did you get your start in photography?
I had a teacher in High School who suggested I pick up a camera and do some photographs. I was hooked.

2. What are some pro tips for those who want to try concert photography?
- Start small, be patient, hone your craft, publish your work on social media, and have fun doing it.
- Make positive connections, many of the great things I’ve had the privilege to photograph has come from personal recommendations.

3. With so many acts to see, how do you decide which artists to photograph?
Before the advent of YouTube it was all word of mouth. These days I look up every performers live set on YouTube and decide if they’ll make interesting photos. Other times you’ll just stumble across something great while wandering around the festival.

4. Aside from your photo gear, what else is in your bag during a festival?
Spare earplugs, Ibuprofen, Confetti (I keep a lit bit from every show)

5. Some of your favorite acts you’ve photographed at Sasquatch / favorite Sasquatch memory?
Alabama Shakes opening up the Main Stage in 2016. High winds had canceled all Main Stage acts but around 8pm the festival got the all clear and Alabama Shakes triumphantly took the stage and gave a high spirited and energetic performance.

Getting to meet and work with various performers during portrait sessions.

Was heading back to press tent after covering an act on Main Stage. I heard Sir The Baptist performing, he’d just jumped into the crowd at Yeti Stage. I waded into the crowd and used my camera to document the explosive energy of his live show.

The lead singer of Monotonix singing while surfing atop the crowd in a trash can

6. Favorite thing about Sasquatch?
The diversity of artists that perform. You have a little bit of everything, from local musicians, to up and coming artists, well established acts, and comedians.