Steven Dewall | Sasquatch Photography Series

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Name: Steven Dewall


Number of Sasquatch’s Photographed: 9

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1. How did you get your start in photography?
I took a photography course during my fine art studies at Columbia College in Chicago and fell in love with the process of photographing people and developing images in the darkroom.

2. What are some pro tips for those who want to try concert photography?
Be patient and have fun. Don’t shoot every live moment, you will miss the show. Sometimes it’s not about being right in front of the artist or shooting the band at all. Turning your lens on the people at the festival can lead to some of the best shots.

3. With so many acts to see, how do you decide which artists to photograph?
With the cooperation of Sasquatch! I had an outdoor studio set-up cliffside and worked with publicist to have the artists pose for an exclusive portrait against the backdrop of The Gorge.

4. Aside from your photo gear, what else is in your bag during a festival?
Coolers full of beer.

5. Some of your favorite acts you’ve photographed at Sasquatch / favorite Sasquatch memory?
I had the opportunity to meet so many great artists and bands it’s hard to single any one out. The moments shared with friends, watching the sunset over the gorge and listening to the bands from the main stage while we waited for the next subject to arrive.

6. Favorite thing about Sasquatch?
Camping, location, getting introduced to new bands and hanging out with Seattle’s music community.

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