Zach Anderson | Sasquatch Photography Series

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Name: Zach Anderson

Occupation: Photographer

Number of Sasquatch’s Photographed: 11

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1. How did you get your start in photography?

I actually grew up surrounded by photography. My father is a well known fine art and commercial photographer. I spent my summers as a young kid on the road with him and thats definitely where the obsession began. I went to art school for photography in Santa Fe, NM and San Francisco. Made it to my junior year and dropped out. I was just ready to hit the ground running. I packed up and moved to New York. I was lucky enough to get an internship in the photo department at Rolling Stone. I assisted photographers there to make money and continue to build my portfolio. Moved to Austin to continue to do the same thing, assist, learn and build my work. Started showing it around at magazines and ad agencies in Chicago and NYC and it all kind of took off from there. Based in Los Angeles now.

2. What are some pro tips for those who want to try concert photography?

As cool and exhilarating it is to be in the pit, I find it to be far more interesting shooting out in the crowd. Getting the vibe and the experience and different vantage points of the stage. There is a story to tell out there. I just try to be different and want to see things we don’t normally see at a show. Go where your eye takes you.

3. With so many acts to see, how do you decide which artists to photograph?

That can always be a tough and an excruciating decision. But I usually just go with my gut and also factor in what I think the crowd will be like at that particular show. It's never easy but you always walk away with an amazing memory and experience.

4. Aside from your photo gear, what else is in your bag during a festival?

I always like to pack light because of the gear aspect. But my essentials are pretty basic. Sunscreen, sandwiches, Cliff bars, water, jacket and some extra layers just in case. It gets chilly out there at night. Especially after leaving El Chupacabra at 1:30am covered in sweat from a raucous, mind blowing set.

5. Some of your favorite acts you’ve photographed at Sasquatch / favorite Sasquatch memory?

Some of my favorite sets I have photographed at Sasquatch! are Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem (both times), St. Vincent, Savages, Cloud Cult, The XX, and Sigur Ros. But one of my favorite memories is from my very first Sasquatch. I was 16 years old and it was 2007, the headliners were Bjork and The Beastie Boys. It was just two days then. It was one of my favorite lineups and Bjork was absolutely phenomenal. The set was nothing short of absolutely stunning and beautiful. That show and the whole weekend is where my love affair with Sasquatch! began. You can’t beat this festival, both in talent and just sheer beauty. The Gorge is truly special and other worldly.I have gone every year since.

6. Favorite thing about Sasquatch?

Other than the location and all of its beauty, my favorite thing about Sasquatch! is the crowd it draws. I have been to pretty much every other major festival in the country and no crowd can really compare to Sasquatch. Everyone is just so kind, thoughtful and caring.I have made some of the best friends in my life at the festival over the years. It's a very communal festival and it feels like one big, giant family there to have the best time of there lives, take care of one another and make some lasting friends at the same time too.